The family owned Scotch whisky distiller, blender and bottler Hunter Laing & Co. has released a new edition of its Kinship collection to coincide with Feis Ile 2019.

This is the first Kinship Collection since the company inaugurated its first distillery at Ardnahoe, the newest on Islay, and to commemorate this each of the bottles in this year’s collection are from Islay distilleries.

Once again, the collection has been specially selected by Jim McEwan, Master Distiller and his tasting notes can be seen below.

Jim will hold a Kinship whisky tasting at Ardnahoe Distillery on Thursday 30th May. Tickets are available at

The 2019 Kinship collection will be available for purchase at the Ardnahoe Distillery Shop from 24th of May. The total cost for the set inclusive of a display box and information booklet is £4089.00. Each of the bottles are sold separately with the exception of the 40 year old Caol Ila.

The collection includes the following whiskies –

Bunnahabhain – 30 Year Old – £495.00

Cask Type – 1x Refill Sherry Butt + 1x Refill American Oak Hogshead – 48.5%Vol

On nosing, a warm fresh marine breeze is very evident and it lifts the oak gently to reveal the subtle sherry aromas. The richness of the oak, the succulent flavours of the Oloroso Sherry and the spicy vanilla from the bourbon make this spirit so amazingly viscous in texture that it lingers long on the palate.

Caol Ila – 40 Year Old

Cask Type – Refill American Hogshead – 44.9%Vol

Amazingly fresh and vibrant, the mellow American oak adds character & personality whilst floral notes flirt round the edges and it’s all encapsulated in a surge of the Marine overtures from the Sound of Islay. A seductive nuttiness takes hold on the surface and creates an opening for the summer fresh aromas.

Bruichladdich – 27 Year Old – £450.00

Cask Type – Refill American Oak Hogshead – 50.2%Vol

A moderate maritime saline drift clearly reveals its identity in this irresistible spirit. Soft fruits and Heather honey encapsulate in a cradle of mellow bourbon oak, and throughout the crisp toasted malted barley never fades bringing structure and balance to the oak. A gentle, sophisticated spirit.

Bowmore – 30 Year Old – £495.00

Cask Type – Refill Bourbon Hogshead – 46.2%Vol

Matured in a refill bourbon hogshead since 1988 there is lots of peat, passion and personality in this spirit! It opens on a bridled saltiness balanced by the barley sweetness and the peat moor flora & fauna. That combination of dried peat, vanilla, honey & pear on the palate is absolutely brilliant.

Laphroaig – 18 Year Old – £269.00

Cask Type – Oloroso Refill Sherry Butt – 56.4%Vol

Absolutely brilliant, muscular and memorable. The aromas are sensational. Once you get your breath back relax a little and get ready for the thrill of catching the wave. The combinations of sherry, oak syrup, medicine, liquorice toffee and the nuttiness from the sherry casks is awesome. It’s incomparable, just go with the incoming tide.

Ardbeg 1992– 26 Year Old – £875.00

Cask Type – Refill Hogshead – 47.2%Vol
Beautiful notes of sea breezes, drying freshly cut peat, and sun-bleached seaweed. At this age it’s in its absolute prime. Stunning notes of oak smoked toffee and marzipan introduce themselves onto the senses. Heather moor fires, salt encrusted sails, bracken with a rare dash of pepper and lemon. It’s elegant and succulent without a hint of harshness


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